New apps

Submission process

To upload a new app, click the "New app" button on your dashboard. You will be presented with an upload form. Upload the APK set (.apks file) you generated earlier as well as an app icon. The APK set must be less or equal to 150 MiB in size and the icon must be a 512 x 512 PNG. If you already have a Play Store icon, you can use it here. If you don't have an icon, you can generate one in Android Studio (make sure "Play Store icon" is selected).

Click "Upload" after you've selected the correct files. Once your files are finished uploading, you'll be presented with an autofilled form with basic information about your app. You may edit the display name if you wish. This is the name that will appear to users in the store. Once you're satisfied that your app's information is correct, click "Submit" to begin the review process.

If some or all of your app's functionality requires authentication to access, please provide test account credentials for the review process. This is currently not possible within the developer console, so you will need to contact the Accrescent team directly to provide them.

After you submit

A reviewer will be assigned to your app after you submit it. To increase its chances of being accepted, please review the app requirements later in this guide before submitting.

If the app is accepted, it will be passed on to have its metadata cryptographically signed into the store. This process ensures Accrescent's security even if one of its servers is compromised. You don't need to do anything at this point. Once your app is published, you will be notified and it will show up under "My apps" in the developer console