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This is Accrescent

A novel Android app store focused on security, privacy, and usability. Open-source forever.


Accrescent is a private and secure Android app store built with modern features in mind. It aims to provide a developer-friendly platform and pleasant user experience while enforcing modern security and privacy practices and offering robust validity guarantees for installed apps.


  • App signing key pinning: first-time app installs are verified so you don't have to TOFU.
  • Signed repository metadata: repository contents are protected against malicious tampering.
  • Automatic, unattended, unprivileged updates: updates are handled seamlessly without relying on privileged OS integration.
  • First-class support for split APKs: downloaded APKs are optimized for your device to save bandwidth.
  • No remote APK signing: developers are in full control of their app signing keys.

For more details, check out the features page.


NOTE: Accrescent is early in development and is not ready for production use. The apps it contains are there only for testing purposes and will be removed (except for Accrescent itself) when Accrescent enters public alpha. If you would like to try it regardless, you can download the latest pre-release below. It currently runs on Android 12 and up.

Download Accrescent


Accrescent has multiple community chat rooms on Matrix and a Twitter account for announcements. All source code is published on GitHub.